About Support Ticket Urgency and Classification
Posted by Ümit AYDINLI, Last modified by Ümit AYDINLI on 22 March 2022 10:08 AM

About Urgency and Classification of Support Requests


a- Critical issue affecting all users,
b- The platform cannot be accessed or any workaround cannot be found.
d- Security issues such as DDOS attack.

Examples: No services are accessible.


a- System failure, failure to perform important functions and problems affecting some but not all users,
b- Significant security issues,
c- Problems for which no workaround can be found.

Examples: DHCP does not work, but it can be worked with static ip.


a- Problem or error affecting a small number of users,
b- Situations where short-term temporary solutions can be produced,
c- A routine technical issue or configuration requests.

Examples: Configuration request, name change, service information, etc. like.